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Are you looking for Top Brands of Air Compressors?

Just like other devices available in the market, oftentimes, branded air compressors are usually of better quality as compared to generic ones. Likewise, they’re considered to be more heavy-duty and provide the better warranty.
Thus, if you’re one of those people who is thinking of using an air compressor regularly, it’s advisable to invest in one that could last for a long time– the top of the line devices. With this, you’ll have a guarantee that the manufacturer would still be around in case your device starts to malfunction or you need some replacement parts.
However, it’s also important to keep in mind that finding the right manufacturer is usually as important as choosing the ideal air compressor based on its features. Read on to discover some of the best air compressors that you could definitely rely on.


Viair  is one of the most popular air compressor brands among Fortune 500 companies. The company specializes in manufacturing low horsepower, oil-free air compressors, and accessories at impressively affordable prices.
Each model has its impressive features that can meet or surpass individual requirements and needs when it comes to air compressors. Every model is also perfect for specific applications and working environments.

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Based in the U.S., Dewalt is a top company that specializes in woodworking tools along with efficient power resources. Additionally, there are loads of air compressors from the Dewalt Company on the market and the top-rated units are the D55168, D55151, and D55150. Bear in mind that these units have been sold more times than the other ones. What’s more, this company’s brand is a famous one that has created its reputation by itself by ensuring consistency, as well as longevity in their products.

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One of the most popular air compressor brand is the Porter-Cable. It has been in the business for years– since 1906 up to present. Furthermore, it’s also one of the leading power maker tools all over the world, ever since it started to focus on power tools in 1914.
As for air compressors, you could easily get your hands on new and factory-reconditioned devices. However, considered to be the most popular choice is the Porter-Cable C2002-WK, with a 13-piece accessory kit. Likewise, the Porter-Cable C1010 is another popular model that’s lightweight, weighing only 23 pounds.

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Founded in 1915 with a head office located in Japan, Makita Corporation has manufactured a lot of stationary woodworking machines, electric power tools, garden tools, air tools, and household tools.
Furthermore, Makita is also one of the pioneers that introduced heavy-duty power tools with AVT (Anti-vibration Technology), which implies that most of their products have vibration ratings that are comparatively lower than the other tools available in the market.
In February 1981, Makita launched its very first air tools, such as the AC6001 air compressor and AN500 pneumatic nailer. Today, the Makita MAC700 could be considered as one of the most popular air compressors today. Likewise, the MAC5200 is also another great product.

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