What are applications of air compressors?

Air Compressors can be used for personal as well as professional use.

Here are the main applications of air compressors:


For adding the air to the tires of the vehicles – The most common use of air compressor is to inflate the tires of vehicles.


Blowing up balloons or inflatable products


Painting vehicles in an auto body shop- Air compressors can be used to paint anything. Air compressor is mostly used for painting cars and furniture. It saves huge time when you use an air compressor for paint jobs.


Dry Cleaning – Air Compressors are used for cleaning all types of garments in multiple types of applications. Rotary screw and Reciprocating type air compressors deliver the best result for dry cleaning.


Car Washing –  Pressure washers are armored with an air compressor to force out the pressurized water.


Use in Hospital – Hospitals use air compressors to deliver oxygen to patients.


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